12th Brigade, Texas Militia

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12th Brigade, T.M.

Commissioned 9th September 1861

S. M. Flournoy Brig. Gen.

Companies from Wood County

Companies Comprising the Twelfth Brigade, Texas Militia (reserve), Showing Composition:

Company Captain Officers Privates Post Office Precinct
First Wm. D. McKnight 11 63 Webster            8
Second D. W. McNabb 13 76 Springville
Third J. C. Calhoun 5 41 Quitman
Fourth H. W. Hester 13 12 Perryville
Sixth T. Y. Logan 15 48 Lake Fork
Seventh John Benton, Sr. 12 64 Webster
Eighth J. J. Montgomery 9 61 Springville
Ninth W. R. Thorne 12 48 Holly springs
Total 90 413 Grand Total 503

Quitman, Texas. Aug. 21st, 1861


In accordance with your instructions, soon after receiving my Commission, I organized my staff by the appointment of J. W. Wilson my aide de camp; W. J. Sparks Brigader Major, Howard Keys, Quartermaster F. M. Hays, Commissary, desiring others more essential to the organization of the Militia, Myself and Staff were immediately qualified in the form of law and our oath of office were forwarded to you in a subsequent communication.
Enrolling officers were immediately appointed in the several precincts of the counties comprising the brigade with a duplicate of your instructions and an election for field officers was ordered on the first Monday in August.
The work of enrolling has not been fully accomplished but so far as finished I have the honor to report. Neither do I believe that the election was observed in the Second Regiment of my Brigade, which is composed of the militia of Smith County or at least if so I have as yet received no returns.
The companies enrolled and reported to me so far as follows:
From Wood County: 1st Company Infantry Active;


Officers 10 Privates 54

1. W. D. McKnight 	2. John P. Brown 	3.  John L. Knight
4.  Levi H. Hay		5.  J. S. Brown		6.  Thos James
7.  J. T. Payne		8.  D. A. Crumpler	9.  C. H. Payne
10. E. L. Anderson	11. A. W. Lynch		12. H. N. Campbell
13. James J. Knight	14. Wm. G. Moses	15. Timothy Campbell
16. J. M. Hutton	17. Michel Donahoe	18. Henry Nicholas
19. J. M. Johnson	20. W. H. Hart		21. Ben W. Lee
22. J. W. Ward		23. T. J. Moore		24. J. C. Wright
25. J. A. Moore		26. Marion Ethridge	27. S. C. White
28. W. E. Payne		29. Archibald Faulkner	30. Benj. Reeves
31. S. B. Walker	32. C. A. Sartain	33. David Lee
34. Franciss Moore	35. W. H. Robertson	36. James Thomas
37. J. B. Angell	38. J. E. Friddle	39. Wm. Landers
40. Jno. Y. Lee		41. T. D. Starnes	42. W. J. Richards
43. B. H. Ellis		44. J. R. Palmer	45. Jas. Goff
46. Elija Thomas	47. J. A. Crumpler	48. W. L. Hamilton
49. J. G. Sartain	50. F. M. Taylor	51. J. J. Woods
52. Thos. G. Gibson	53. C. J. Millsap	54. J. W. Jones
55. W. G. williams	56. F. Miller		57. W. C. Starnes
58. N. Ashbell		59. A. McBride		60. J. A. Coats
61. Simeon Thompson	62. W. L. Thompson	63. A. Roberson
64. Aaron Weatherby
   The election of officers being held on Saturday, July 12, 1861,
the following was the result:
  Wm. D. McKnight, Captain
Thos. Janes, 1st Lieutenant	John D. Brown, 2nd Lieutenant
Benj. W. Lee, 1st Sargeant
Samuel White, 2nd    "
Levi H. Hay, 3rd     "
J. T. Brown, 4th     "
J. M. Johnson, 1st Corporal
F. Miller, 2nd       "
J. M. Wood, 3rd      "
Wm Landers, 4th      "

Precinct No. 8. Post Office: Webster, Texas

I hereby certify that the above is a correct list of all officers and privates of the Rough and Ready Volunteer Company.
July 12th, 1861
Wm. D. McKnight, Capt.


D. W. McNabb, Captain
R. W. Spalding, 1st Lieutenant
E. F. Taylor, 2nd Lieutenant
A. Danly, 3rd Lieutenant
R. J. Tomlinson, Orderly Sargent
J. C. Rushing, 2nd Sargent
M. L. Taylor, 3rd Sargent
J. M. Vincent, 4th Sargent
J. C. Ray, 1st Corporal
D. C. Jones, 2nd Corporal
J. D. Woodbury, 3rd Corporal
A. C. Gee, 4th Corporal (name could be Goe)
J. L. Gill, Ensign


1.  R. Kinnengham	2.  J. C. Byers		3.  G. C. Ivey
4.  J. R. Stephens	5.  W. H. Nunn		6.  J. D. Raines
7.  L. W. Green		8.  T. W. Pinson	9.  J. A. Williams
10. J. J. Sheckleworth	11. Joseph Hannen	12. Sam'l Cook
13. Wm. P. Hannin	14. Phillip Riggs	15. Wm. McKee
16. G. A. Cook		17. A. H. Shepheard	18. T. C. Baine
19. Alex. Cook		20. W. C. Haven		21. B. M. Reed
22. L. T. O'Kelly	23. C. N. Cox		24. Caleb Linsey
25. W. B. Linsey
26. W. B. Linset	27. J. M. Linsey	28. W. A. Cooper
29. A. H. Reeder	30. L. C. Taylor	31. J. C. Fikes
32. Wm. G Cook		33. B. L. Kerr		34. J. C. Alexander
35. W. P. Rushing	36. W. L. Magee		37. J. T. Strother
38. M. B. Ivey		39. E. L. Trimble	40. N. D. Wooten
41. R. Tate		42. Jo Crawford		43. N. N. Nunn
44. Albert Reeder	45. A. N. Reeder	46. W. H. Maloney
47. W. S. Mann		48. Malory Waifer	49. John Loiles (Loiler)
50. A. P. Freeman	51. J. P. Dougherty	52. R. J. Dougherty
53. T. Cresvin (Curvin)	54. Isaac Gunter	55. H. Marshall
56. Jno. Tutt		57. Jno. Wrenn		58. Harvey Turner
59. Jno. Linsey		60. R. P. Reed		61. Wm. Shumate
62. Jno. Robbins	63. J. A. Segar		64. J. A. Gee
65. H. H. Fatheree	66. T. Y. Carter	67. Sam Rice
68. Jno. Monasco	69. Jno. Childress	70. S. W. Bearden
71. Josiah Fisher	72. Wm. Trimble		73. Wm. Johnson
74. T. M. Alread	75. Z. R. Nunn		76. Wm. Raines
77. w. P. Raines	78. Jno. Burnes


COUNTY OF WOOD) I hereby that . . . that the within members roll was
made in pursuance of the authority of Brig. Gen. S. M. Flournoy of
the 12th Brigade of the Texas Militia and that the officers above
named was duly elected according to law.
				R. W. SPRADLING, Enrolling Officer
					Pr. No. . . . Wood Co., Tx.


1.  Jno. Renfro		2.  C. J. Webb		3.  J. H. Burleson
4.  A. H. Farrington	5.  Winfeld Webb	6.  W. W. Dale
7.  B. W. McClone	8.  Jno. J. Wrenn	9.  W. C. Wrenn
10. W. H. Wrenn		11. Wm. Coberson	12. W. W. George
13. R. J. McClane	14. R. C. Crocker
15. J. W. Crocker	16. R. L. Ingram	17. L. W. Collins
18. Sam Moore		19. Jo Warren		20. Wm. Magee
21. Silas Burleson	22. Benj. Webb		23. Jno. S. Flowers
24. Jo. Pope		25. Soloman Webb	26. James Pope
27. Thos Castel		28. a. H. Gunter	29. L. Howard
30. Laben Barker	31. B. R. Branchcomb	32. W. Shipp
33. Thos Shipp		34. Marion Howard	35. W. George
36. J. M. Duncan	37. John Carter		38. (skipped)
39. Frank McLaren	40. Chas. Bradey	41. Wm Centre

   The undersigned enroll in officers of Precincts No. 7, 2, and 12,
do hereby certify that we called the militia of the above named
precincts together on Saturday, the 3rd day of August, A.D. 1861,
and organized the militia and elected the following officers, to-wit:
   One Captain; One First Lieutenant; one Second Lieutenant, and one
Orderly Sargeant and the same resulted as follows to-wit:
   J. C. Calhoun, Captain
   Wiley George, 1st Lieutenant
   Jno. Renfro, 2nd Lieutenant
   J. W. Belcher, 3rd Lieutenant
   Isaac Shipp, Orderly Sargeant
   Given under our hands, third day of August 1861.
				O. S. Forbis,
				J. C. Calhoun, enrolling officers.


H. W. Hester, Capt.		Jas. Ashberry, 1st Lt.
A. S. Ayers, 2nd Lt.		M. Goss, 3rd Lt.
J. McBride, 1st Sgt		J. W. Finley, 2d Sgt.
A. W. Russ 3 Sgt		Jno. Bailey, 4th Sgt.
B. N. Robbins, Ensign		B. P. Chaman, 1st Corp.
W. J. Robbins, 2d Corp.		J. Willingham, 3 Corp.
Isham Davis 4th Corp.
   			P R I V A T E S
W. E. Webb			A. K. Lankford
Green Stinson			J. K. Se.oards
Andrew Reed			R. A. Magee
J. H. Cotton			Alf Dill
W. H. Ayers			B. F. Wilson
C. C. Wilson
COUNTY OF WOOD     )         I hereby certify that
on Saturday, the 15th of July, the Militia of Precince No. 8 had an
election in due form of law and that the foregoing names were thus
duly enrolled and the above named officers duly elected in pursuance
to the instructions of Brigadier Gen. S. M. Flournoy of the 12th
Brigade of Texas Milia.
July 18th, 1861. 	H. W. Hester, Enrolling Officer


1.  Samuel Yandle	2.  Wm. Starr		3.  N. Holland
4.  Wm. Bridges		5.  James Bridges	6.  T. V. McCreight
7.  J. E. Bridges	8.  R. Turner		9.  Carter Irby
10. Frank Fitzgerald	11. A. B. Fraty (Frady)	12. Jesse Starr
13. James Turner	14. Houston Leech	15. Thos Slatter
16. Benj. Leech		17. Harrison Leech	18. Henry Jackson
19. Henry Dorsey	20. Salas Dunkin	21. Ed Sharpe
22. Wm. Tippett		23. F. Slatten (Slatter)24. Jno. McCreight
25. Joseph Cotton	26. E. B. Kinchlow	27. G. W. Mathews
28. Marshall Mathews	29. John Harry		30. John Price
31. Thos. Allison	32. T. Y. Logan		33. J. F. Logan
34. Wm. Slatter		35. Chas Litchfield	36. Wm. Elter
37. Joseph Elter	38. Joseph Litchfield	39. Jackson Dial
40. Isaac Elberger	41. John Linberger	42. Wm. Coker
43. T. J. Coker		44. Joseph Coker	45. E. J. Sterchs
46. S. J. Coker		47. Charles Coker	48. R. Dial
49. Cosby Thomas
   COUNTY OF WOOD      )  That a respectable portion of the
Citizens of Wood County in Beat No. 11 on saturday the 13th day of
July 1861 . . . After the object of the meeting was explained they went
into the election of officers for the company enrolled from the
militia of the beat, when the following were elected:
T. Y. Logan, Captain	Jerry Bell, 1st Lieut.
			Carter Irby, 2nd Lieut.
			A. B. Frady, 3rd Lieut. (same as No. 11 above)
			Matthew McCreight, 1st Sargant
			Ed Sharp, 2nd Sargant
			Saml. Yandle, 3rd Sargant
			F. S. Fitzgerald, 4th Sargant
			Silas Duncan, 1st Corporal
			N. Holland, 2nd Corporal
			E. L. allison, 3rd Corporal
			J. T. Logan, 4th Corposal
			James Bridges, Drummer
			Wm. Bridges, fifer
		J. F. Logan, enrolling officer.
July 15th 1861. Post Office: Lake Fork, Texas

C O M P A N Y   N O. 7   (RESERVE)

Jno. Benton, Sr., Captain
J. Z. Brown, 1st Lieut.
Wm. Moore, 2nd     "
J. R. Wright, 2nd  "  (should be 3rd Lieut)
Patrick Quarterman, 1st Sargeant
E. Wilcox, 2nd             "
Silas Garvin, 3rd          "
J. R. Moore, 4th           "
J. P. D. Thompson, 1st Corporal
W. C. Yarbrough, 2nd      "
J. L. Blackwell, 3rd      "
D. S. Palmer, 4th         "
1.  W. B. Payne		2.  J. M. Lloyd		3.  Jas. M. Hay
4.  N. G. Hamilton	5.  M. B. Coats		6.  James Coats
7.  A. J. Cambell	8.  A. E. Ford
9.  Jonathan Knight	10. D. H. Prewett	11. Jesse Odum
12. Robt. M. Gibson	13. F. A. Parks		14. Elisha Attaway
15. Wm. Cafry Jr.	16. David White		17. Thos. Etheridge
18. G. W. Bell		19. J. M. Austin	20. J. L. Parker
21. J. M. Starnes	22. A. W. Lynch		23. J. T. Azbell
24. Oliver Vaden	25. E. J. Lynch		26. Jesse Wilcox
27. Henry Robertson	28. James Warren	29. W. H. Loiley
30. W. A. Morgan	31. Colin F. Wiley	32. L. G. Vernon
33. W. M. Taylor	34. Isaac W. Ward	35. M. M. Boggs
36. J. E. Munroe	37. F. M. Benton	38. G. H. Price
39. V. B. Wright	40. J. L. Moore		41. Abram Boyd
42. W. G. Clark		43. J. A. Thompson	44. N. Westbrook
45. Benj. Nichols	46. G. S. Matthews	47. Thos. A. Watson
48. J. A. Cook		49. Thos. Holley	50. F. M. Lanly (Laney)
51. U. R. Riddle	52. J. W. Bower		53. S. G. Barnett
54. B. O. Brown		55. Wesley Jones	56. W. H. Austin
57. G. W. Rozell	58. H. J. Craddock	59. J. N. Hutton
60. R. K. Bradshaw	61. A. Crumpler		62. Wm. Jernigan
63. G. B. Alvis		64. J. E. Stephens
	I certify that the foregoing is a list of the officers
and privates of the Wood County "SONS OF LIBERTY", this 12th day of
July 1861.
	Post Office: Webster, Tex.   John Benton, Captain

C O M P A N Y    N O  8    R E S E R V E S

J. J. Montgomery, Captain		Ira B. Dement, 3rd Sargeant
Richard Magee, 1st Lieut		R. J. Pinson, 4th     "
J. A. Sorge, 2nd     "			T. J. Kerr, 1st Corporal
R. H. Fowler, 3rd    "			S. Casey, 2nd      "
W. M. Yarbrough, Orderly Sargeant	A. J. Waldrope, 3rd "
Willis Parker, 2d           "		T. M. Mitchell, 4th "
S. W. Byers, Ensign

1.  R. T. Conklin	2.  W. D. Leggett	3.  P. T. Woodburry
4.  E. H. Brown		5.  S. L. Fitzgerald	6.  J. S. O'Kelly
7.  Wm. Parker		8.  A. B. Self		9.  C. McKen
10. W. L. Pouncy	11. W. B. Miller	12. B. Y. Ratcliff
13. W. H. Reid		14. J. O. Spicer
15. J. E. Neill		16. E. L. Trimble	17. T. M. Bivens
18. Tyre Buckley	19. Wm. Dove		20. R. Coots (Coats)
21. Jab. Raines		22. Tho. Dove		23. Wm. Parker
24. A. L. Phillips	25. E. C. Trimble	26. M. Johnson
27. W. P. Maloney	28. W. B. Maloney	29. S. M. Lyson
30. J. J. Austin	31. White Watson	32. Isaac Alread
33. G. H. Hill		34. J. A. Biddy (Bidby)	35. Elisha Cook
36. J. O. Pinson	37. Wm. Rice		38. Wright Norton
39. Rich'd Crawford	40. S. Miller		41. Calloway Reed
42. Boyd Pinson		43. Jefferson Bass	44. Alex Robertson
45. David Pinson	46. G. B. Yarbrie	47. Wright Cox
48. Wm. Case		49. D. Calhoun		50. M. Rushing
51. Jno. Stephens	52. Wm. Saterwhite	53. Jacob Freeze
54. E. G. Kendrick	55. S. Waskom		56. J. D. Mills
57. J. O. Wright	58. F. D. O'Kelly	59. Jno. Thrasher
60. Marion O'Kelley	61. John Spradling	62. (blank)
63. Plst Office: 	64. Springville, Wood Co., Texs
   COUNTY OF WOOD      )	I hereby . . . that the above
named officers were duly elected . . . ac. .vie Company at
Springville, Wood Co., July 10th, 1861, and that the above company
was enrolled by me under the authority of the Brig. General S. M.
Flournoy of Texas Militia in pursuance . . . instructions of the Ad-
jutant General of the State aforesaid, as a Reserve Company.
		R. W. Spradling, Enfolling Officer
		July 25th, 1861

C O M P A N Y    N O  9    ( R E S E R V E )

Note: Some clarifications to the following list have been provided by other researchers into Wood County genealogy. These clarifications are included in brackets [] so that they may be differentiated from the original Don Roberts material. The sources of the clarifications are included at the end of the Company No. 9 listing.

W. R. Thorpe, Captain [Thorne. Source 1]  H. N. Grogan, 1st Sargeant
W. A. Grogan, 1st Lieut		D. A. Renshaw, 2nd    "
B. P. Stout, 2nd    "		Moses Tullis, 3rd     "
N. Grant, 3rd       "		Caleb Browning, 4th   "
B. W. Browning, 1st Corporal
Thos. Browning, 2d.    "
Z. Elledge, 3d         "	(this is probably E. Elledge)
[Probably Zachariah Taylor Elledge. Source 1]
Jas. Boyd, 4th         "
1.  N. W, Webb		2.  M. C. Hogguo	3.  R. B. Browning
4.  E. H. Page		5.  J. D. Bailey	6.  J. L. Neel
7.  T. J. Graves	8.  C. F. Davis		9.  R. Garrett
10. Wm. H. Wilmouth	11. D. C. Elledge	12. M. C. McCurry
[D. C. Elledge was Dillard C. Elledge, brother to Zachariah. Source 1]
[M. C. McCurry was Marcellus McCurry. Source 1]
13. Wm. Murphey		14. B. L. Edress	15. A. J. Benton
16. J. S. Williams	17. A. J. Wilmouth	18. J. C. Baker
[J. C. Baker was John C. Baker. Source 1.]
19. John Elledge	20. H. F. Davis		21. Reuben Wilmouth
[John Elledge was brother of Dillard and Zachariah. Source 1]
22. G. C. Baker		23. R. Reed		24. Stephen Harris
[G. C. Baker was George C. Baker, brother of John C. Source 1]
25. Little Lemon	26. R. M. Crone		27. L. M. Patrick
28. D. F. Horton	29. B. J. Benton	30. B. F. Maul
31. George Wilmouth	32. W. R. Byron		33. M. A. Robertson
34. Thos. Brown		35. J. M. Lankford	36. H. Turner
37. J. H. Patrick	38. A. J. Grant		39. W. A. Jennings
40. J. C. Shoemaker	41. J. C. Newman	42. C. W. Shoemaker
[J. C. Shoemaker was John Croft Shoemaker. Source 1]
43. W. A. Monday	44. Jno. Castle		45. Jas. Foster
[Jno. Castle was John Levi Cassel, Jr. Source 1]
46. T. B. Hays		47. J. F. Batsell	48. L. R. Shumaker
[L. R. Shumaker was Lindsay R. Shoemaker. Source 1]
	Post Office: Holly springs, Tex.
I hereby certify that the above is a correct list of the officers and
privates in my company.
	W. R. Thorpe, Captain.

Clarification Source 1: Carolyn Drost

Companies of Van Zandt County

[Mr. Roberts notes that pages 17 through 20 of the original archive papers were missing.]

V A N   Z A N D T   C O U N T Y   T E X A S

The first Company organized in this County was a Volunteer
Company, organized by Capt. Whetstone and heretofore forwarded
to your office asking immediate service in the State or out of it.

      C O M P A N Y  N O . 2   ( R E S E R V E )
1.  Casper McBride, Capt.	6.  W. R. White, 2d Sargt.
2.  B. W. Anderson, 1st Lt.	7.  J. Bruton, 3d    "
3.  P. J. Hill, 2nd     "	8.  G. Y. Ellis, 4th "
4.  J. W. Reeves, 3d    "	9.  J. P. Williams, 1st Corp.
5.  H. B. Anderson, O.S.	10. C. Burnett, 2nd      "
12. Matthew Johnson, 4th Corp.	11. Wm. A. James, 3rd     "

              P R I V A T E S

13. Jacob Humble	14. M. L. Parsons	15. J. M. Thompson
16. N. G. Meek		17. E. W. Bridges	18. (skipped)
19. S. J. Sanders	20. J. Kellana		21. C. H. Ellis
22. Jno. McBride	23. Wm. Murray		24. John Howell
25. R. J. Hick		26. Wm. White		27. J. W. Greggory
28. S. L. Minor		29. H. Braden		30. Neal Martin
31. James Mills		32. Moses James		33. David Furguson
34. Sam'l Mills		35. A. B. Myric		36. Sam'l Jones
37. J. G. Norris	38. Jno. Painter	39. H. W. Whisenhunt
40. A. V. Smith		41. And. Barnett	42. J. M. Jones
43. H. B. Cartwright	44. Jno. Richardson	45. Wm. Freeman
46. Silas Meadows	47. Wade Blasingame	48. Wm. Wilson
49. Jno. McMillan	50. C. B. Owen		51. Jno. A. Jones
52. L. M. Barker	53. D. Cartwright	54. Wm. Flatt
    Post Office:   Mustang, Van Zandt Co., Tex.
     I hereby certify that the above names have been enrolled by me
as an a_a (active) Company of Reserve(s) under the authority of the
Brigadier General, S. M. Flournoy, and in accordance to the suggestions
of the Adjutant General of the State and that on the 22d of July at
Gray Bluff in Van Zandt County, and after due.... at a regulat
meeting of the Company the above named officers were elected.
     Isaac Anderson, Enrolling Officer
July 29th, 1861.

              C O M P A N Y   N O 3  (C A V A L R Y)  A C T I V E  :
B.F.Horton, Capt.	J.McSpaden, 1st Sargt.	G.H.Youngblood, 1st Corp.
W.F.Beasley, 1st Lieut. J.R.McCain, 2nd    "	W. E. Still, 2d       "
J.E.Lee, 2nd    "	B.F.George, 3rd  "
G.H.George, 3rd "	F.M.Hubbard, 4th "

			P R I V A T E S

11. Thos W. Patterson	12. R. J. Youngblood	13. H. G. Smith
14. B. B. Brannan	15. W. G. Harper	16. C. Cathron
17. W. L. Brown		18. A. J. George	19. J. F. Boiken
20. Wm. Ingram		21. B. F. George	22. A. J. Morris
23. Wm. Preston (Partin)24. Wm. Brown		25. B. A. Pugh
26. J. F. Davidson	27. T. P. Brown		28. A. N. Pugh
29. J. G. Snipes	30. C. H. O'Quinn	31. J. R. O'Quinn
32. J. F. Featherstone	33. J. R. Cantrell	34. R. A. McCain
35. C. C. McCain	36. O. G. Denton	37. Jas Rosmbaum
38. W. A. Martin	39. Isaac Brown		40. Mar. Patterson
41. A. J. Reiley	42. J. C. Easley	43. Jno. Shaffin
44. M. Y. Smith		45. W. P. Snider	46. James Patterson
		P O S T  O F F I C E  :  Edom, Van Zandt Co., Texas.
     I certify that accompanying muster roll of a Mounted Active
Company of 37 men enrolled by me in Beat No. 5 is a true copy of
the original and that the election of officers was held in said
beat 5.
			J. Youngblood, Enrolling Officer
Sworn to and subscribed before me an acting Justice of the Peace
in Beat No. 5, Van Zandt County, Texas.
     A. W. Revley, P.P.
     C O M P A N Y  N O  5 ,  A C T I V E   C A V A L R Y
1. N. F. Chalk, Capt.	2. J. R. Dean, 1st Lt.	3. J. R. Allen 2d  "
4. B. M. Williams, 3d "	5. Isaac Anderson, 1st Sgt. 6. F. C. Martin 2d "
7. A. B. McInturf 3d " 	8. W. W. Allen, 4th "	9. W. H. Chancelor, 1st Crp
10. C. J. Sartin, 2d "	11. J. S. Ellis, 3d "	12. George Massey, 4th "

13. J. A. O'Neal	14. J. Ellis		15. J. R. Robinet
16. B. Patten		17. S. B. Elliott	18. J. F. Sartain
19. E. L. Murray	20. Jno. Murray		21. T. C. Bridges
22. Jno. Childress	23. H. P. Hunt		24. W. D. Pace
25. E. A. Mitchell	26. M. W. Ellis		27. J. F. Murray
28. A. P. Sullivan	29. Jo. Adkins		30. Wm. Mann
31. M. M. Robins	32. H. P. Pierce	33. W. J. McLaren
34. H. Henderson	35. Wm. Evans		36. B. F. Bundlin
37. J. C. Murray	38. W. M. Loggin	39. Wm. Scott
40. D. C. Hicks		41. J. F. Jones
     I hereby certify that the above named officers were duly elected
at a regular meeting of the Company at Gray's Bluff, Van Zandt County,
on the 22d day of July, 1861 after the members of the Company that the
Company enrolled under the direction of Brig. Gen S. M. Flournoy of the
12th Brigade of Texas Militia and in compliance to the instructions
of the Adjutant General of the State.
		Isaac Anderson, Enrolling Officer.
___________61 (appears to be a date)
1. A. Wheat, Capt.    2. A. Creagle, 1st Lieut.     3. M. Manning, 2d "
4. Sam Clay, 3d "     5. J. J. Kuykendall, 1st Sgt. 6. A. D. Benton, 2d "
7. A. L. Hinds 3rd "  8. D. Jordan, 1st Corporal    9. E. Jone, 2d "
10. A.J. Johnson, 3d " 11. A. Hanks, 4th "   12. Noah Kuykendall, Ensign
13. A. Brown		14. W. P. Bratcher	15. A. Blair
16. Wm. Bunday		17. J. W. Corley	18. J. P. Cox
19. J. W. Clark		20. J. W. Chrisman	21. J. M. Drew
22. Esq. Esquire	23. B. Flowers		24. W. H. Flowers
25. S. G. Hanks		26. A. C. Johnson	27. Jas Jones
29. M. Jones		30. J. M. Jones		31. J. A. Kuykendall
32. P. E. Kuykendall	33. Peter Kuykendall	34. E. R. Kuykendall
35. A. Kuykendall	36. James Lee		37. J. B. Lewis
38. A. Lindsey		39. A. W. McClellan	40. Wm. P. Mitchell
41. A. D. McClellan	42. A. G. McKnight	43. D. A. Monk
44. J. G. Monk		45. Jo. Neal		46. J. W. Price
47. Jo. Passmore	48. Nathan Passmore	49. C. P. Parker
50. J. M. Patterson	51. S. Q. Richardson	52. Wm. Sharpe
53. J. L. Smith		54. J. W. Smith		55. G. White
56. G. N. Walker
57. D. Wallis		58. J. C. Wheeler	59. C. Watkins
60. Van Walker		61. Jno. Waldin		62. W. W. Walker
63. Jnon Reader		64. Jo. Reader		65. T. L. Chrisman
66. (space blank)	67. Isaac Robertson	69. T. J. Harvey
70. Joseph Green	71. Lewis Cloines	72. Robert Johnson
73. J. H. Wilson	74. Wm. Gibson		75. T. Barville
76. J. M. Halsell	77. J. A. Foshee	78. J. Woodall
79. J. D. Bendercamp	80. T. N. Hays		81. W. W. Crisman
82. W. H. Hazlewood	83. K. S. Jorday	84. ---
POST OFFICE:  Jordan Saline, Van Zandt Co., Texas.
Note: No. certificate.

Companies of Smith County

			S M I T H   C O U N T Y
	COMPANY NO. 1 (Light Infantry) (Active Company)
1.  J. M. Clinton, Captain	5.  Dan'l edmond, 1st Sargt.
2.  J. M. Lord, 1st Lieut	6.  Geo. P. Allen, 2d    "
3.  J. W. Allen, 2nd   "	7.  George W. Sun, 3rd   "
4.  Tate Wrenn, 3rd    "	8.  T. J. Jarman, 4th    "
9.  Jas. W. Mitchell, 1st Corp. 10. John Thorn, 2nd  "
11. D. Latnell (D. L. Latnell), 3rd"  12. Jo. M. Jarmon, 4th "
13. A. C. Matthews	14. J. A. Chambers	15. E. A. Hill
16. David Hill		17. David C. Yarbrough	18. Calvin Downey
19. J. C. Stroud	20. J. S. Land		21. L. W. McCleney
22. G. W. Wagner	23. R. L. Land		24. C. J. Murray
25. Wm. McDonald	26. Wm. M. Pool		27. Henry Pool
28. J. F. Kelley	29. J. T. Lee		30. B. L. Hill
31. J. W. Pool		32. James F. Pool	33. Jno. W. Hill
34. Thos. R. Wiley	35. Thos. C. Legg	36. Jas. Thorn
37. Wm. P. Kelley	38. A. Lee		39. John Collins
40. T. C. Ladd
    POST OFFICE: Mount Carmel, Smith Co., Tex.
SMITH COUNTY         )
     I do hereby certify that the above Muster Roll is a copy of the
enrollment made by me and that officers therein enrolled was duly elected
by said company.
		DAVID HILL, Enrolling Officer
This 15th day of July 1861.

1.  David Hill, Capt.		29. J. T. Hill		51. (blank)
2.  Matt Shamburger, 1st Lieut.	30. Wm. Buckholts	52. Geo. Greer
3.  Wm. F. McCullough, 2nd "	31. A. J. Johnson	53. E. L. Chambliss
4.  Jno. Boyett, 3rd "		32. Jas. Perryman	54. J. L. Smith
5.  Wm. Blychfield, 1st Sagt.	33. Alfred Hitt		55. G. W. Simmons
6.  J. C. Wrenn, 2d      "	34. Thos. Pool		56. Geo. R.Casper
7.  M. L. Brown, 3rd     "	35. North Alman		57. G. Gorman
8.  W. G. Fuller, 4th    "	36. Jno. Pool
13. H. G. Land			37. C. L.
14. Jno. E. Prather		38. J. D. Price
18. Wm. Price	 		39. J. M. Buckholt
19. Wm. Perryman		40. A. M. Flemming
20. J. C. Matthews		41. H. J. Jarman
21. H. H. Hitt			42. J. B. Morris
22. L. F. Petty			43. A. W. Stroud
23. C. F. Wiley			44. Wm. Wrenn
24. W. P. Kelley		45. Jas. McClenny
25. Littleton Chambliss		46. J. A. Prater
26. Peter Downey		47. Thos. R. Swan
27. O. Hitt.			48. W. H. Thorn
28. J.....Gorman (faint)	49. W. C. Thorn
				50. J. Y. Truelove
58. E. McMurray		59. Geo. Perryman	60. A. C. Brown
61. Thos. Wrenn		62. Wm. Perryman, Jr. 	63. Q. A. Shuford
64. A. McDonald		65. D. M. Clinton	66.  (no number)
67. Wm. Buckholt	68. T. B. Owens		69. N. F. Hitt
70. Wm. Shamburger	71. J. M. Hester	72. Thos. Ratliff
73. Wm. F. Mitchell	74. David Hoke		75. J. L. S. Baker
76. N. B. Stroud	77. Wm. McMurray	78. Stephen Kelly
80. G. W. Clinton	81. Albert Noland	82. G. W. Milner
83. T. L. Kay		84. D. S. 		85. Thos. Wiggins
86. B. W. Sewell	87. J. M. Wiggins	88. Asa Hitt
89. T. Todd		90. Usham K. Tabble
		I do certify that the within muster rolls is a 
true copy of the enrollment made by me and that the officers as therein
enrolled was duly elected by said company.
     Given under my .... 15th day of July, 1861.
	DAVID HILL, Enrolling Officer	
     I have thus given you a copy of the returns made by me at
Quitman by the several enrolling officers. Not in one instance
have they forwarded me a duplicate copy and hence I am forced to
the necessity of transcribing. The certificates on all are defective
but it is impossible to ovserve the due forms of law in the work of
organization, or if ao, to make so appear. I hope that the good inten-
tions of the people will supply all defects. They are ready to fight
for our State if necessary with or without the forms of organization.

	Respectfully submitted,
			S. M. Flournoy,

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